With over 5000+ hours of coaching experience, I have earned a reputation for connecting with my clients in a meaningul way; I will challenge you, and support you in creating purpose-driven thoughts, making decisions that matter and strategically designing the action steps that lead to the results you want.

Let's Work Together to Achieve Excellence & Make an Impact.

Coaching & training for men and women who want to live with purpose, communicate effectively, & inspire positive change in others.

Results are amplified by Karen's experience in coaching people on how to use their thought patterns to make firm decisions, and follow-through with their plan until their desired outcomes have been  achieved.

"Karen is one of the most impactful personal and business coaches in North America" 

 - Phil Del Vecchio, M.A. SPP, SPHR, M.A.OP
Head of Organizational Development, JBS Foods


My Areas of Expertise

  - Creating & Utilizing a Success Mindset
  - Effective Communication 
  - Leadership Development & Team Building
  - Strategic Planning & Follow-Through
  - Impact & Presence
  - Power of Intentional Thinking


Want to Get to Know Karen?

Listen to Karen being interviewed by Lynn McLaughlin from the
"Taking the Helm" Podcast on Spotify.

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