There are no two coaching sessions alike; it is always an individualized experience that that centers around each of us doing our jobs well. Your job as a client is to come to sessions with an open mind, a desire for change, a willingness to explore options, and a commitment to the actions steps you identify for success. My job as your coach is to help you explore the gap between where you are now and where you want to be; together we bridge the gap we identify, and create a detailed plan that will move you to the outcome you desire.
Karen is a sought-after coach; her training and experience have earned her a reputation of a being someone who will support her clients, challenge them, and hold them accountable to their desired outcomes. She has very limited availability for new clients; her regular fee is $225/hr. there are discounted packages listed below for those who are serious about change.
(All plans include access to resources such as audios, worksheets, videos, e-books, and more.)

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Coaching Experience

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This 5-hour coaching package will take you through a thought-provoking experience that will help you identfiy who you are at your core: your values, your desires, your strengths, challenges, beliefs, and patterns. Together we will uncover how your thoughts, beliefs and habits are impacting your current reality.  

Plan 1

Awareness Kick-Start

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In addition to what we do in package one, this
10-hour coaching package will take things to the next level; you will discover how to create a vision of what you really want in life, and create options for making it happen. Together we will design a plan for achieving and maintaining your goals, while overcoming procrastination and self-sabotage.

Plan 2

Explore & Envision

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If you are committed to change and long-term success, this 20-hour coaching package has been proven to work with hundreds of clients. It includes all the coaching tools of the first two packages, as well as a professionally designed plan for your desired outcome. In addition to the initial exploring, and planning sessions, you can benefit from a monthly maintenance check-in to evaluate unforeseen challenges, strategic shifts, necessary changes, and long-term sustainability.

Plan 3

Succeed & Sustain

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