I have been honoured to work with some incredible people throughout my career.  There is nothing more gratifying for me professionally, than witnessing my clients' achieving their desired outcomes. I want people to succeed at achieving their "crazy ideas" because anything they imagine to be possible, IS. (read more below the list of professional credentials)

What I do everyday brings me so much joy.

Why is Intentional Thinking my thing? It has been proven to me over and over again, that every successful, happy person is INTENTIONAL in the the things they think, and the things they do.
What you THINK matters, and the results you are experiencing, are 100% tied to your thought patterns and the decisions you make.

What you think and believe, creates emotions, emotions influence actions, and it is your actions that lead to results. It really is that simple. When you practice being intentional, you are aware of your mindset, you think from a success mindset, and everything you do is on purpose and with purpose.  With intentional thinking, you hold your vision at the forefront of your mind each day, you make decisions that matter, and you follow through because you have a deep understanding of the value that comes from you achieving what you set out to do.

I love teaching people the power of being intentional in how they walk through their day: their outlook, their presence with others, their communication skills, their body language, their behaviors, and their impact, Self-Awareness and intentional improvement in these areas are game-changers personally, and professionally.

When there is purpose driving your thoughts, behaviors and actions you will get the results you want, and you will make an impact on the world around you.

7KCC-CIF Corporate Cohesiveness Training and Certification for Leaders and Managers. 
7KEY Self-Empowerment Program
Founder & Director of Intentional Thinking Academy Inc. 

PCC - Professional Certified Coach through ICF (International Coaching Federation)
FCBC - Flow Certified Business Coach
Certified NLP Trainer


Karen partners with her clients to support them in their success, she is creative, resourceful, and strategic in her approach to any challenge. 

Karen has worked with several hundred men and women, including CEO's, leaders, and managers of large corporations.

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